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BMW Brilliance Automotive Co., Ltd.

Automatic winding filter in south and north foundry workshop and logistics workshop of engine factory

Project name: Auto-winding filter for BMW Brilliance Automotive Co., Ltd.

Project introduction: The products are distributed in the fresh air filter system in the south and north foundry workshops and logistics workshops of the engine factory. The air supply volume of a single fresh air unit is 300,000 CMH, which are respectively constructed by China Construction First Bureau (Group) Co., Ltd. The maximum height of the roller blind filter is 6 meters.

Undertaking time: 2015.2-2015.10

BMW Brilliance’s new engine plant is the latest engine plant of the BMW Group. The plant is located in the Economic and Technological Development Zone of Shenyang City, Liaoning Province, covering an area of 0.9 square kilometers. August 2013 started construction, officially opened in January 2016. According to the world-class factory plan, the new engine factory has a complete engine manufacturing process, namely casting, machining and final assembly. The factory is also equipped with facilities such as an engine quality and performance testing center and a large logistics center. The new plant is one of the most technologically advanced and most sustainable engine plants in the world. The engine plant is adjacent to the Tiexi vehicle plant, thereby realizing a more efficient production process.

Factory environmental protection concept

In order to achieve sustainable development, the layout design of the new engine plant is scientific and reasonable, and many energy-saving and emission-reduction measures are adopted. The energy pipe gallery was completed in the initial stage of the factory’s construction. The pipes for electricity, water supply, heating and ventilation are all concentrated in this tunnel, and sufficient space has been reserved. The internationally leading building automation system integrates energy consumption monitoring, analysis and real-time adjustment. More than 10,000 detectors are scattered all over the plant to monitor energy consumption 24 hours a day. The lighting adopts natural lighting on the roof and lighting equipment that can intelligently adjust the lighting intensity. Compared with the traditional heating system of the BMW plant, the waste heat recovery technology used in the new engine plant of BMW Brilliance has reduced heating energy consumption by up to 80%.

Foundry-the birthplace of aluminum crankcase

The foundry is the starting point for the production process of the new engine factory. In the process of producing the crankcase, the foundry workshop uses a new type of furnace with international leading technology, reducing energy consumption by 20%. The main highlights of the workshop include:

Liquid metal is transported through the underground transmission system, which effectively reduces heat loss and achieves higher efficiency and safety.

The innovative central feeding system can save up to 75% of feeding.

Dual-mold casting technology improves production efficiency and energy efficiency.

The world’s leading low-pressure casting technology has the characteristics of high output and precise control of process parameters, while being able to achieve high metallurgical technology quality standards.

Each casting has a built-in QR code to record all relevant parameters in the production process.

Industry 4.0 technology: The X-ray quality monitoring system with self-learning function monitors the whole process to ensure that the product is free of defects.

The use of 100% inorganic binder is currently the world’s leading technology. The inorganic binder is made of water-soluble alkali silicate materials, which makes the emission of harmful substances in the production process close to zero, which is highly efficient and environmentally friendly, and is non-hazardous. The smell is good for protecting the health of employees.

90% of the process sand can be recycled, saving more than 30 tons of new sand every day. 10% of the eliminated sand can still be used for civil engineering construction.

The unique arc spraying technology is a patented technology of the BMW Group. This technology replaces the traditional inlaid cast iron bushing technology and is applied to the manufacture of crankcase aluminum die castings. The coating is composed of an ultra-thin layer of liquid metal particles with a thickness of only 0.33 mm. The inner wall of the cylinder after arc spraying can effectively reduce the friction coefficient and improve the fuel efficiency of the engine. At the same time, this technology also makes the engine lighter, better thermal conductivity, and longer service life.

A high-efficiency furnace with heat recovery function. The recovered heat is used for aluminum billet preheating or indoor heating.

The finished product in the foundry workshop is directly sent to the machine processing workshop to reduce energy consumption and improve efficiency.

The foundry of BMW Brilliance’s new engine plant is the second foundry of the BMW Group in the world, drawing on all the advanced technology and experience of the Landshut foundry.

Logistics workshop-daily delivery of 3000 boxes of goods in order

“Soldiers and horses have not moved, but food and grass go first”, the same is true for the new engine factory. Approximately 300 employees formed an efficient logistics team to ensure that each engine of the correct model was completed and rolled off the assembly line at the correct time, and was sent to the vehicle production line in the correct order after strict quality inspection. The logistics workshop is responsible for the production scheduling plan of the machining workshop, receiving and storing the machining parts, together with the parts provided by the supplier, efficient classification and distribution, to ensure the smooth progress of the production process in the assembly workshop.

Using multiple trailers instead of forklifts to transport parts to the production line effectively reduces the risk of accidents and improves efficiency and safety.

The efficient complete machine distribution center is responsible for sending the finished engines to the Dadong and Tiexi complete vehicle plants in the correct order. Take the nearby Tiexi plant as an example, only need to order the engine 83 minutes in advance according to the production cycle.

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