Minle County Sewage Treatment Plant in Zhangye, Gansu Province

May 19, 2019 Performance and case 235 views

Project name: Primary effect roller blind filter in front of blower of sewage treatment plant

Project introduction: The sewage treatment plant purchased 8 roller shutter filters for fresh air filtration at the front end of the blower of the water area process system. Our staff cooperated with Jiangsu Zhaosheng Environmental Protection Group to preside over the installation and commissioning work on the famous northwest Danxia landform Zhangye site. The owners express their affirmation and trust in our products and services. Zhangye is located in the northwestern part of Gansu Province, in the middle of the Hexi Corridor. The weather is dry and the wind and sand are heavy. During the commissioning of this batch of roller shutter filters, it was found that the air particulate matter filtered per unit time was significantly more than that of the sewage treatment plant in the east. , That is, the time for the roller shutter filter to reach the set pressure difference value is faster, and the filter cotton replacement frequency is higher. It is conceivable that if the wind filter is not protected from the blower, it will be eroded by the yellow sand And pollution, with disastrous consequences

Undertaking time: 2015.9

The above picture is the automatic rolling curtain air filter used in Zhangye Minle County Sewage Treatment Plant. The emergence of the Ecolead brand roller shutter filter guarantees the efficient operating environment of the blower, the core equipment of the sewage treatment plant. It is the solid force behind the high-quality services provided by many domestic sewage treatment plants.

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