mobile incinerator china

Temperature:  ambient temperature ranges between 21 – 450  C or more in poorly ventilated rooms. The hottest month

of the year is March. Environmental temperature can be such that inferior rubber and plastic materials can easily melt

or deformed. Bidders must ensure all materials will be able to withstand such temperatures


4)  Humidity: humidity is usually high about 65 – 90%. Electronic units must be protected to prevent the effect of



5)  Dust: this is a major problem especially during the dry season. Dust get into equipment and clogs up filters.

Additional protection must be provided where necessary and where applicable spare filters supplied to last not less

than five years continuous use.


6)  Vermin: these are also available and occasionally enter into equipment to chew cables and urinate on boards to

cause short circuit. This can be prevented by providing vermin guard where necessary to prevent entry of such

destructive animals.

7)  The proposed equipment must conform to the current relevant international standard such as ISO; CE; IEC, ANSI

and/or BS


8)  Language:

  1. a) All labels and markings on the equipment must be in English language. b) All software programmes in the proposed

equipment must be in English