Nanjing Renlei Catering

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Nanjing Renlei Catering

Air shower

Project Name: Nanjing Renlei Catering Air Shower Room

Project introduction: Design and installation of air shower room in the factory

Undertaking time: 2016.3

Nanjing Renlei Catering Co., Ltd. is located at the foothills of the beautiful Zijin Mountain. It is currently the only modern enterprise engaged in the production and distribution of standard nutritious meals in the city, and has the first-class level in the same industry in the country. The company has a modern catering processing workshop with independent intellectual property rights

The entire production area of Jingrenlei Catering Co., Ltd. strictly follows the national food hygiene standards, carries out standardized and standardized design, and implements assembly line operation in the production process. The company strictly follows the international requirements of IS09001 and HACCP system certification. Strictly control the entire production process and pay attention to the impact of each link on food quality. The raw material processing room is divided into rough processing and finishing. There are three areas: vegetarian dishes, meat dishes, and aquatic products. Classified processing eliminates cross-contamination and ensures the safety of food. The automatic fruit and vegetable washing machine and the rhizome peeling machine not only improve work efficiency, but also improve the safety of food processing links. The center temperature of the food in the heating and conditioning area is controlled above 75 degrees, which can effectively kill the bacteria that may exist, but also maintain the nutrition and deliciousness of the food to the utmost extent. Before catering, employees who participate in the catering must undergo strict hand disinfection and wear special clothing and hats before entering the catering area. The use of tableware for diners ranges from recycling, soaking, and cleaning of imported equipment. Then to the drying and disinfection of special equipment. The ozone cleaning room is stored, so that: “personnel is responsible, and every level is checked.”

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