pet incinerator deisel

and forced air exhaust stacks (or chimneys).


The charging system shall consist of, as a minimum, a hopper for top feeding and mechanically operated hydraulic


charging ram or augur. To prevent warpage or excessive thermal expansion, a charger cooling system using either


air or water shall be provided.


Primary combustion chamber shall be either the rotary- or stationary fixed-hearth (or kiln) type incinerator. Burner


and combustion air controls shall be fully automatic comprising of, as a minimum, electronic ignition and all


necessary interlocks and safety devices to provide safe operation. The chamber and burner shall be designed to


maintain a minimum combustion temperature of at least 700 to 870 C (1300 to 1600 F), but shall not to exceed 980


C (1800 F). The ash-removal system shall consist of the automatic continuous removal of the ash into an ashquench


pit where cooled by water and removed by conveyor.