Rolling curtain air filter and plate-type primary filter is better, and the function advantages and disadvantages are analyzed and dissected

May 22, 2019 Industry News 435 views

As the two primary air purification stages, automatic rolling curtain air filter and plate-type primary filter, the two most commonly used filters for fresh air filtration, how to choose which place to use, and what are the advantages and disadvantages of both sides? Please see the following analysis:

1. Comparison of filtering area: The filtering area of Nanjing Yixiou standard automatic winding filter is the area of a layer of flat winding special filter cotton on its cross section, and the unit plane area is the same as the filtering area.

The filter material of the plate-type primary filter is folded in a V shape. The unit’s flat cross-sectional area, the actual filter area of the filter material is close to twice, which greatly increases the ventilation and dust holding capacity, and extends the service life

In order to make up for this shortcoming of the coiled filter, Nanjing Ecolead developed a V-shaped roller blind filter. The cross-sectional area is fixed and the ventilation rate is too high. The air volume of the standard coiled filter cannot meet the requirements. In the case, use V-shaped winding filter to make up for the defect of fixed filter area and meet the requirements of use

2. Comparison of filter replacement: The automatic winding filter, as the name implies, is to automatically replace the filter material, without human operation to replace the filter material. The intelligent filter material replacement system is suitable for air conditioning units, metallurgical coal, sewage treatment plants, etc. An environment where the quantity is high and the filter material needs to be replaced frequently. Filter cotton can generally be used 5-10 times depending on the height of the filter, that is, basically one year, you don’t need to enter the primary filter system for any operation. The replacement of the filter material after all the filter materials are exhausted is also quite simple, and the operation is very convenient. We once timed the entire process of replacing the filter material at a time, about 3 minutes, which is equivalent to the initial effect time of replacing a module.

After the plate-type primary filter reaches the pressure difference value, it needs to be replaced manually, which is time-consuming and laborious. The filter of the entire cross-section module is replaced, and the workload is very large.

It can be concluded that the winding filter is functionally more convenient to maintain than the primary effect plate filter, saving labor costs. If the air volume of a fixed area is not met by the standard roller shutter filter, you can choose it. V-shaped wound filter to make up for defects.

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