Signed a contract for the stainless steel air shower room and cargo shower room of the kitchen of the Qianlongzan Center of Nanjing PM Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd.

May 18, 2019 company news 210 views

The decoration company has been engaged in the decoration project of the central kitchen all year round. The central kitchen is located in Xinwu District, Wuxi. We will include a complete set of equipment measurement, production, on-site installation, commissioning and training. Our company is equipped with Nanjing Ecolead air shower room for more and more catering enterprises’ central kitchens , and is proud to be able to escort the food safety of Chinese people.

Then the editor will probably explain what the central kitchen means: the central kitchen is also called the central kitchen, which is an advanced business model in the international catering industry. It has centralized procurement, unified production and processing, equipped with strict inspection procedures for finished products and semi-finished products, unified brand packaging for chain catering companies, and powerful frozen storage functions. From the above brief explanation, it is not difficult to see that the central kitchen is the trend of intensive and large-scale development of the catering industry. It unifies the control of food processing procedures and ensures the safety and cleanliness of the entire process such as food purchase channels and production packaging. In the past year or two, our company has cooperated with more and more central kitchen stainless steel air shower projects.

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