Signed the contract for the roll-up filter in the fresh air treatment room of the Aibenatide workshop of Changshan Biochemical Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

May 18, 2019 company news 212 views

The use of a roller blind filter in the fresh air treatment room can effectively filter the large particulate matter in the air in the fresh air room and protect the service life and maintenance time of the rear fresh air unit. The fresh air room of the 100,000CMH air volume workshop of the pharmaceutical factory is covered with automatic roller blind filters, and the outer wall is equipped with rain-proof shutters. Two motors are controlled by frequency conversion, including a frequency converter and an electric control cabinet.

In today’s economic globalization and technological globalization, international scientific and technological cooperation has become an inevitable trend and trend. The pharmaceutical company is the first pharmaceutical company in Hebei Province to pass the European Community EDQM certification and obtain the SOA certificate and GMP certificate. Now its raw material medicine workshop has passed the European Union CEP, French GMP, Japan PMDA, German GMP, the United States and other countries certification.
Aibenatide is a first-class national new drug and was reported to the State Food and Drug Administration in 2015. Aibenatide is a brand-new species for the treatment of diabetes in the world. It is a 1.1-type drug for the treatment of type II diabetes. It can prolong the action time of the drug. The patient only needs to be injected once a week. It has created a treatment for diabetes in addition to oral hypoglycemic drugs and insulin injections. A brand-new therapy outside of China. After the product goes on the market, it can not only bring good news to the majority of diabetic patients, but also bring broader market prospects to the pharmaceutical company. Nanjing Yixi Rolling Blind Air Filter is honored to be able to serve the company. The fresh air is filtered to escort.

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