SK Hynix Semiconductor (China) Co., Ltd.

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SK Hynix Semiconductor (China) Co., Ltd.

Project Name: SK Hynix Semiconductor (China) Co., Ltd. Automatic Roller Blind Air Filter

Project Introduction: The front-end primary filter of the fresh air unit

Undertaking time: 2015.9, 2016.8

SK Hynix, formerly known as Hyundai Electronics Industry Co., Ltd. established in 1983, was officially listed in Korea in 1996, acquired LG Semiconductor in 1999, separated from Hyundai Group in 2001, and changed its name to Hynix Semiconductor.

In October 2004, the system IC business was sold to Citigroup and became a professional memory manufacturer.
SK Hynix is committed to the production of non-memory semiconductor products based on DRAM, NAND Flash & CIS.
Currently, there is one 8-inch wafer production line and two 12-inch production lines in South Korea, and one 12-inch production line in Wuxi, China.
SK Hynix is the world’s second largest DRAM manufacturer, and in 2007 it grew into the world’s sixth largest semiconductor company.
Currently, there are sales corporations and offices all over the world.
SK hynix is firmly based in the field of semiconductor memory, mainly DRAM and flash memory, and is gradually growing into a comprehensive semiconductor equipment supplier through the diversification of product categories, including the strategy of stepping into the CIS business field.

SK Hynix is a world-class memory manufacturing company established by a joint venture in the Comprehensive Bonded Zone of Wuxi New District, Jiangsu.

The company’s main products are 12-inch integrated circuit wafers, which are used in solid-state memory fields such as PC, Server, Graphic, Mobile, and Graphic.

The project is the only industrial project approved by the State Council for construction in Wuxi. The total investment of the first phase is US$2 billion, the second phase is US$1.5 billion, the third phase is US$2.555 billion, and the fourth phase is US$2 billion. The SK Hynix project is The project with the largest domestic semiconductor investment and the most advanced technology is also the largest foreign-invested single project in Jiangsu Province.
The company uses the world’s leading technology to produce DRAM products
SK Hynix Semiconductor (China) Co., Ltd. is committed to building the world’s number one semiconductor production base. At the same time, it earnestly fulfills its corporate social responsibilities, actively participates in public welfare undertakings, and seeks welfare for the society.

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