The installation and commissioning of the latest batch of air shower room and cargo shower room of Wuhu Changxin Technology is completed

May 18, 2019 company news 205 views

The Nanjing air shower room added by Wuhu Changxin Technology is installed in its Taishan Road factory. The material is cold plate paint on the outer wall and stainless steel on the inner wall. The cargo shower room is designed with double doors and no bottom plate, which maximizes the size of the passage and facilitates the cargo Transportation is common.

This is the second time to use our company’s Nanjing air shower product since the cooperation last year. Due to the urgent delivery cycle of the construction unit this time, our after-sales installers completed the commissioning work in the early morning so as to reserve time for the customer to finish cleaning. As always, our company cooperates with all customers in all aspects, and we look forward to your orders.

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