A brief introduction to the professional manufacturer of Nanjing Yixiou air shower room

May 22, 2019 Industry News 302 views

The most professional Nanjing air shower supplier-Yixiou is a leading enterprise in the purification equipment manufacturing industry. Years of development and training have accumulated rich industry experience and technology, and also trained a group of purification industry staff with professional service awareness. Through years of accumulation of reputation, Ecolead’s air showers, clean sheds, roller shutter filters, and air filters related products have been trusted and loved by customers.

Purchasing air shower products is a more serious and professional work. Before sales, we will provide professional pre-purchase guidance and selection suggestions. For some clean room renovation projects, we will have specialized technicians come to measure the drawings, and make plans and quotations based on the drawings. Will provide on-site installation (guidance), debugging, training and other services, provide air shower room equipment maintenance and standardized operation training. After-sales service, we will have specialists to visit customers regularly. During the one-year warranty period, non-personal damage will be repaired free of charge. After the warranty period, preferential accessories will be provided, and technical guidance and consultation will be provided for life.

Nanjing Yiyixiou has always maintained perfect pre-sales and after-sales service and product quality to open up the market. Your one-time consumption is long-term service and technical support.

The following briefly introduces the structure of the downwind shower room

1. The box material of the air shower room is made of high-quality cold-rolled steel plate paint treatment and stainless steel bottom plate.

2. Equipped with high-volume two-speed high-pressure fan.

3. Using high-quality high-efficiency filters without partitions, the filtering effect is as high as 99.99%@0.3um.

4. Stainless steel nozzle, the wind speed of the air outlet> 22/s, the direction of the nozzle can be adjusted at 360 degrees.

5. Equipped with multiple sets of infrared sensors, the program presets the anti-escape function, and cooperates with customers to regulate the use of the air shower room to maximize the purification effect

6. Stainless steel single door, German brand door closer, can withstand high frequency use for a long time.

7. PLC control system, imported electrical components, induction automatic blowing, LED display blowing time (0~99s adjustable).

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