Application analysis of coiled air filter in water treatment industry

May 22, 2019 Industry News 328 views

Why set automatic shutter filter the sewage treatment plant blower inlet gallery to replace traditional Primary filter plate why municipal engineering Institute reserved in advance will be well within the roll filter in the corridor design drawings The installation location of the filter, many environmental protection, municipal engineering, water treatment construction units did not know the situation when they bought the winding filter for the first time. This article analyzes in depth for customers to understand:

The aerodynamic equipment of the sewage treatment plant -the air suspension centrifugal blower must be in trouble-free operation all year round. These fans are the core equipment for the normal operation of sewage plants. They need high-quality, long-life blowers, and the corresponding prices are relatively high. In the air, especially in the current ordinary atmospheric environment, pollution is serious and there are many dust particles. Under the long-term high-speed airflow of the blower, large particles of dust will cause the fan blades, impellers and other equipment components to rust, wear, and prone to long-term unprotected operation. Shortening the life of the fan, affecting production, and causing direct loss is the damage of the fan, and the indirect loss is the loss of control of the entire water treatment process, causing adverse social effects and huge economic losses.

Given the above analysis, in order to ensure fan trouble, no hidden operation, protection of the blower maximum operating environment, will inevitably have to install the early effect of the air filtering device in the air inlet corridor. Effect of the air filter will directly affect the wastewater treatment plant Normal operation . Then why choose a coiled air filter instead of a plate-type primary filter, the reasons are as follows;
1. The winding filter is equipped with a powerful PLC control system and high-quality transmission mechanism , which can run by itself for a long time without shutting down or manually replacing the filter material, minimizing the number of maintenance and downtime ;
2. The coiled air filter is most suitable for use with large-scale ventilation equipment, with low resistance and large ventilation , which can meet the ventilation requirements of large cross-sections.
3. The operation and maintenance workload of the winding filter is extremely small , which completely avoids the defect that the initial effect of the plate type must be replaced regularly, and the effective filtering area is extremely large, without any obstruction in the middle part;
4. The coiled filter has a frame structure with high structural strength and can be adapted to large negative pressure ventilation . The previous successful cases can meet the internal fan ventilation demand of 2000pa ;
5. Less maintenance costs, lower operating costs , and basically no labor costs ;
6. The large air volume can meet the oxygen content required by the aerobic organisms in the aeration tank , which more perfectly matches the special industry needs of the sewage treatment plant .


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