Automatic rolling shutter filters show their talents in the VOC exhaust gas treatment industry

May 16, 2019 Industry News 222 views

Based on many years of professional automatic rolling filter manufacturers ‘ experience in the treatment of three wastes and exhaust gas purification, Nanjing Yixio’s rolling curtain air filter products are widely used in the purification of VOC organic exhaust gas, rubber and PVC exhaust gas, and spray exhaust gas purification. This product is a highly automated exhaust gas filtering device, which can effectively remove particulate matter in the exhaust gas and meet the emission standards. The operation is simple and the technical performance is stable. , The company has won the favor of many users with its unique and novel design concept, safe and stable purification effect, and timely and high-quality after-sales service. Roller shutter filter series products have been listed as the preferred supporting suppliers of engineering projects by many design institutes, scientific research institutes, well-known coating equipment manufacturing companies, and environmental engineering companies. It is very suitable for use in mechanical processing industry, petrochemical industry, chemical pharmaceutical industry, municipal waste industry, etc.
Working principle: The mainstream exhaust gas filtration methods in the market are divided into two types: dry and wet. In the past, the wet method was mostly used. Because of the disadvantage of a lot of sewage, sewage discharge has become a new discharge problem. Now it has been dry. The filter replaces. The wound filter is the mainstream dry exhaust gas filtering method in the current market. Because the filter material can be replaced automatically, it is durable, and the filter material is synthetic polyester fiber, the volume of the waste filter cotton after discarding is quite small, and it is very easy to handle.
In the waste gas treatment process, the gas after water treatment is effectively filtered by the automatic rolling curtain filter to remove large particles of impurities and paint mist, and effectively protect the stable and effective operation of the back-end purification equipment and activated carbon filter equipment. Without the pre-filtering function of the roller shutter air filter, the activated carbon tower at the back end is easily scrapped as a whole, and the operating cost is considerable. Dust will be effectively filtered when the air passes through the roller blind filter cotton. When the dust on the filter becomes more and more, the resistance becomes larger. When the limit value preset by the PLC system is exceeded, the system will start the motor operation, drive the special roller blind filter filter material to rotate, unfold the clean filter cotton on the new side, and carry out a new round of filtering work.
Control features: The automatic roller shutter filter adopts advanced PLC control program to complete the automatic control of the entire refueling process without any human intervention. The external random electric control cabinet can monitor and adjust the control value outside the cabinet. The reserved motor operation, missing filter material and other signal dry contacts allow the central control room to easily monitor the operating status of the field equipment.
Structure: The main structure of the automatic roller shutter filter is divided into two types: ordinary vertical design and patented horizontal design. The horizontal design has obvious advantages such as high effective utilization of space, no need to stop the machine for new materials, and no need to enter the pipeline for maintenance. It is the preferred structural style in the integration of pipeline exhaust gas treatment equipment.
Technical Parameters:
Handling air volume: Determined according to user design air volume, mostly in the range of 6000~100000CMH air volume
The number of times that the roller blind filter can be used: less than 10 times

Filtration efficiency: G3

Initial resistance: [email protected] /s
Final resistance: [email protected] /s
Motor power: 200W

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