burner manufacturer 200kgs/h

Waste is thermally rotted in the main chamber at temperature degrees of 800 ° C +. The resulting aeriform products are entirely oxidized in the second chamber at higher temperature levels with ample resident time. Various other specs are as adheres to. A burning chamber of waste:

* Flawlessly limited door for the hands-on loading of waste. The filling should certainly be Handbook, Set Tons

* A heater of lights which the use is restricted to the ignition of waste.

* Frontage of packing with door seals risen on hinges, wheel of screw plug, versatile joint, in addition to packing securing out of refractory.

* The insulation of the burning chamber need to be comprised of refractory blocks, having a high internet material of light weight aluminum as well as guards blocks in order to assure a minimum temperature level on the outside sheet steel.

* Composition of the refractory

Burning Capability

Max. 200kgs/h

Supporting Gas


Kind of Heating Unit

Monoblock automatic heating units


Key Chamber: 800 ° C ± 50 ° C. Extra Chamber: 1300 ° C ±

50 ° C. Kind.

240 W.

Pump pressure.

* Make-up of the refractory

Burning Capacity

Max. 200kgs/h

Sustaining Gas


Kind of Heating System

Monoblock automated heating systems


Main Chamber: 800 ° C ± 50 ° C. Extra Chamber: 1300 ° C ±

50 ° C. Kind.

Refractory thickness.

240 W.

Pump stress.

Refractory thickness.

115 mm thick.


Refractory blocks.

Insulation density.

50 mm thick.




Manual damper control.

Product of Construction.

Mild Steel.

Sort of temperature controller.


End up & & paint kind.

Dual coat.

Material of construction & & capacity

. Mild Steel/ Plastic, appropriate capacity.

Other Standard Accessories.

Diesel oil degree sign, piping with shutoffs & & Non-return shutoff.

Aesthetic Monitoring of Gas.


No. of Burners.

2 one in primary and also in second chamber).

Type & & Design

. Monoblock automated oil fired.





Fuel shipment.

10 C 20 kg/h.

Discharging phase.


Thermal power.

118 C 236 kW.

Motor power.

240 W.

Pump pressure.

10 C 12 bar (basic calibration), Max. pressure 15 bar.

Electrical supply.

Single phase 220V, 50Hz.

Material of building and construction.

Burned bricks.


9 meters from ground degree.