china medical burner

the complying with containerized burners. (Kitchen location as well as accommodations and grey water and black water plant eliminating waste) we need burner is each function various are done in one heater we require notified.

china clinical burner Capability
? Disposal of both non-hazardous as well as infected products streams (per waste inventory).
? Incinerators must have an added burning chamber with a minimum temperature selection of 900c.
? Liquid waste streams shall be blazed by a correct liquid shot system.
? The heaters will definitely be mounted with aesthetic alarm systems to indicate procedures of reduced temperature level in the secondary chamber.
Running Atmosphere as well as likewise Ambient Troubles

The Incinerators plan shall be developed to operate under the list below problems:.
? Ordinary Daily Max/Min June Temperature Level Level, 21-39 ° C.? Ordinary Daily Max/Min January Temperature Level Level, 2-12 ° C.
Medical waste heater,.
approx. 0.4 cubic metres,.
gas/ keys power operated,.
thermostatic temperature degree control,.
programmable cycle