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5. What’s the shipping document? — Nov. 30, 2011 

Shipping document mean after the seller delivery equipment in China sea port, seller will send some document to buyer. After buyer receive equipment at local sea port, they use these document to make custom clearance and also some other certificate document request by buyer self. Our standard shipping document is (a. )bill of lading(if by train, called way bill), bill of lading is key documents of title, but way bill is not. (b. ) invoice from seller, and (c. ) packing list. 
When equipment ship to different country, local custom request some different document or certificate. For example, ship to Egypt, they need embassy certificate of invoice and C/O and also inspection before shipping. Other document like, C/O, Fumigation Certification, F/A, BV/SGS/SONCAP…Buyer should make clear all of these first and all these document need time and extra cost to make. 
We had a customer who is a freshman of this field. Before we pyrolitic incenerator China, pyrolysis incineration, pyrolytic incineration, pyrolytic incinerator equipment, pyrolytic incinerator manufacturer, pyrolytic incinerator supplier, shipping equipment, we always try to make clear about these document to different. And before shipping, we know that wooden carton ship to his country need fumigation certification. At that time, we have to postpone delivery and ask agent to make this document, then we have to pay $300USD and waste 3 days. 
The related is the shipping mark on equipment or carton.