Ecolead mobile air shower room of Jiangsu Power Transmission and Transformation Company

May 20, 2019 Performance and case 302 views

Project Name: Jiangsu Power Transmission and Transformation Company

Project introduction: Huainan-Nanjing-Shanghai 1000 kV AC UHV transmission and transformation project uses mobile air shower

Undertaking time: 2016.10

The air shower room designed by Nanjing Yixiou is a movable door cover type, which can be pushed and pulled as needed, and can be interlocked and connected with the entrance door of the dust-free area, equipped with a professional automatic control system, and the strict ventilation performance of the workshop , Clean performance, durability performance and other aspects of the requirements, the installation and commissioning process has been affirmed and recognized by the owner, is undoubtedly another verification of the excellent quality and excellent service of Nanjing Ecolead air shower room.

Jiangsu Power Transmission and Transformation Company is a wholly-owned company under the State Grid Corporation of Jiangsu Electric Power Company. Mainly engaged in the construction of power transmission and transformation projects of various voltage levels of 10KV and above. The company mainly undertakes the construction of power transmission and transformation projects, and also undertakes the national power transmission artery-500kV Yanghuai Line (Jiangsu Section) In addition, the operation, maintenance and management of the power grid with a total length of approximately 1,712 kilometers and the 500-kV Jiangyin Yangtze River Crossover are responsible for the arduous task of emergency repairs in response to emergencies of backbone grids in Jiangsu.

The company has the first-class qualification for power engineering construction general contracting and the management qualification for international foreign contracting projects, and has strong construction capabilities and rich experience in large-scale project construction. Since its establishment in 1953, it has successively constructed power transmission and transformation projects with voltage levels ranging from 10 kV to 1000 kV in 17 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities including Guangdong, Qinghai, and Inner Mongolia, and 7 countries including Pakistan and Ethiopia; No. 1 in the world, No. 1 in Asia, No. 1 in Jiangsu, and No. 1 in China. The total length of construction lines is more than 33,000 kilometers, which is equivalent to more than 3/4 circle around the earth; creating construction output value Nearly 25 billion yuan, the company’s comprehensive strength has always been ranked first in the domestic industry, and the profit rate of main operating income has been ranked first in the industry for many years.

In recent years, the company has played a major role in power grid construction at key moments such as the construction of key difficulties and major power grid projects in the country and East China and Jiangsu, anti-icing rescue, earthquake relief, Olympic World Expo power protection, Jiangsu power grid emergency rescue and important reforms , Demonstrating the company’s brave spirit and ability to fight tough battles, and has been fully affirmed by superior leaders many times.
As a power grid construction company, the company always puts safety and quality work at the top of all work. The company has a complete safety and quality management system, passed the national quality management, occupational safety and health management, environmental management and other system certifications, and established three Unified standardized management system. The company has been awarded the title of “National Ankang Cup” Contest Winner for 12 consecutive years; in 2014, it was named “National Ankang Cup Competition Demonstration Unit” by the All-China Federation of Trade Unions and the State Administration of Work Safety. The project participated in the construction has won the State Grid Corporation’s safety quality and project management mobile red flag for 14 times, and it is the unit that has won the State Grid Corporation’s safety quality and project management mobile red flag among the national power transmission and transformation construction enterprises. The company’s construction projects have won a total of 232 honors above the provincial and ministerial level, including 4 Luban Awards, 4 National Quality Project Gold Awards, 13 Silver Awards, 25 China Power Quality Engineering Awards, and 159 National Grid Quality Engineering Awards. It is the domestic power transmission and transformation construction enterprise that has won the most national gold awards and Luban awards.

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