incinerator manufacturer china

The sludge shall be properly atomized by means of compressed air in the burner so as to ensure complete combustion of

the sludge.



An air compressor complete with a receiver shall be included in the incinerator. Both compressor and receiver shall be

mounted on the same skid as the incinerator.



The incinerator shall also provide digital mimic window for monitoring of the feed rate of the sludge pumps as well as

the feed rate of DO being used. Digital monitoring of the flue gas temperature shall also be provided. The digital

display shall be able to display alarms and faults. It shall be equipped with appropriate control keys that allow

scrolling in the alarms, changing set points, viewing data, acknowledging and resetting of the alarms and faults.



An exhaust stack shall be provided which shall discharge its flue to the atmosphere. The stack shall be at least 15 m

high and shall be fit to operate in marine and corrosive environments. The offered stack shall be of heavy duty design,

inclusive of flexible compensators, bellows, transition piece and shall be designed to withstand highly corrosive

environment, high cyclic stresses and capable of resisting cyclonic gusts of at least 280 km/hour.



The incinerator body shall be of dual casing type, that is, air cooled. The incinerator shall also operate on a

negative draught that is maintained by means of an ejector so as to prevent gases and smoke from leaking to the

surrounding area. Air for combustion shall be supplied in excess so as to enable complete combustion of sludge.