Introduction to clean shed structure

May 22, 2019 Industry News 356 views

Below we briefly introduce the relevant knowledge of the clean shed, so that everyone has a better understanding of the relevant selection and design of the clean shed

1. Main frame: Mainly assembled by special 4040 and 4080 sand surface oxidized industrial aluminum profiles of Nanjing Yixiou Company

Advantages: stable, no rust, no dust

2. Enclosure on all sides:

Antistatic vertical curtain: 0.3, 0.5, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0mmT different thicknesses can be selected according to requirements, transparent or black.

Advantages: high transparency, clear grid, good flexibility, easy to wipe

PC, acrylic and other anti-static plates: according to requirements, you can choose different thicknesses and colors, domestic or imported anti-static materials.

Advantages: impact resistance, aging resistance, long service life

3. Top cover: 4mmT aluminum-plastic plate

4. Lighting: dedicated clean room purification lamps to meet the dual needs of illuminance and cleanliness

The fan filter unit: using FFU Nanjing Yi Xiou specialized production equipment, size: 575 * 250 * 1175, Material: galvanized steel, high efficiency filter: 1170 * 570 * 70, efficiency: [In Email protected]

Advantages: maintenance-free operation for more than 5 years, special air duct designed according to fluid mechanics, low noise and low vibration. The air volume can be adjusted in three speeds, and the fan quality is reliable

6. The function and size can be customized according to actual needs

Nanjing Yixiou Technology is a professional manufacturer of clean sheds and air showers in Nanjing. Local customers can complete on-site measurement, drawing design, and proposal quotation within 24 hours.

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