Jianbing Aerospace Class 100 dust-free shed

May 20, 2019 Performance and case 283 views

Project profile: In recent years, the aerospace industry, one of the eight key emerging industries in Nanjing, has achieved rapid development. At present, the aviation manufacturing industry in Nanjing mainly involves the development and production of aviation engine accessories, aviation hydraulic products, aviation accessories, aviation radar and electronic equipment, aviation instruments and other airborne equipment, as well as aviation composite materials. Jianbing Aerospace Company is a high-tech development company whose main task is to develop and produce digital equipment (including input equipment and output equipment) for aviation and aerospace remote sensing information ground processing systems. Jianbing Aerospace chose our company’s 100-class dust-free shed to provide strict cleanliness for its test equipment. By investing in local purification equipment, the purification level of some workshop areas reached the 100th level, and the relevant tests and research and development work need to be completed.

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