Jiangyin Changdian Technology City East Plant

May 19, 2019 Performance and case 290 views

Automatic roller shutter air filter for Jiangyin Changdian Technology City East Plant

Project Name: Automatic Roller Blind Air Filter for Jiangyin Changdian Technology City East Factory

Project Introduction: Front-end pre-filtration of fresh air unit in Chengdong Plant

Undertake time: 2015.4

      Jiangsu Changjiang Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on semiconductor packaging and testing business, providing customers at home and abroad with a complete set of solutions for chip testing, packaging design, packaging and testing. The company was successfully listed on the Shanghai main board in 2003 and became the first listed semiconductor packaging and testing company in China. Now it has a national-level enterprise technology center and a post-doctoral scientific research station. It is a national key high-tech enterprise and a supporting unit of the high-density integrated circuit national engineering laboratory. And the chairman unit of the integrated circuit packaging technology innovation strategic alliance.

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