mobile burner

  1. Petrol: diesel
  1. Consumption: 8-10liter/hour
  1. Capacity: to cremate (carrion and spoils) 350-400kg/hour
  1. Temperature: 900-1350?C
  1. Operation temperature: -30~40?C
  1. Incinerator weight: 1800-2000 kg
  1. Volume: 0.70-0.80m/cube
  1. Exterior dimension: 1.4-1.6*1.0-1.15m (L*W)

A heater stands for a complete service to the problem of disposal of all clinical facility waste kinds. The fluid fuel

is diesel. The burner ought to meet the setup requirements. Expected Technical specifications

The burner will be totally self included. incinerators that are stainless

steel with destruction rate of 15kg per hr. bactch lots of 10-15kg of

waste in addition to average temperature degree of 8500 degress c.