Nanjing Rentian Restaurant

May 20, 2019 Performance and case 217 views

Project Description:

Four Seasons Datong Ecological Park is located in Jiangning District, Nanjing, with a total investment of more than 100 million yuan, covering an area of nearly 1,000 acres, an organic ecological agriculture park of more than 80 acres, an elderly rehabilitation center and apartments for the elderly cover an area of 100 acres, and more than 80 villas and guest rooms. It is a national AA tourist attraction and a recreational fishery demonstration base. The internationally leading and domestically pioneered fresh freezing technology is a patented technology for high-tech processing and preservation of aquatic products, meat, fruits and vegetables, and has reached the current international leading level in the field of food preservation. At present, 10 million yuan has been spent to apply this technology to build a 10,000-ton fresh-keeping warehouse in the park. The construction of the 10,000-ton fresh-keeping warehouse is of great significance to the development of the fresh-keeping industry in our province and surrounding provinces. Fruits and vegetables, aquatic products, and meats processed by fresh-freezing technology can still maintain fresh quality after long-term storage and transportation, which solves the safety and preservation of agricultural products in circulation, processing, and sales. The fresh-frozen preservation products are truly safe and traceable foods, so that the people can eat with confidence, and can truly enhance the people’s physical fitness. The air shower room provided by Nanjing Yixiou Company is located at the entrance of the fresh-keeping warehouse, which guarantees the cleanliness of all kinds of food entering the interior. National regulations, insurance awareness and public concern are prompting meat processors, dairy producers and other food producers to update their air showers and air filtration systems. According to the US Federal Standard 209D, food should be packaged at a cleanliness level of 100 and a room temperature of 12°C. This can ensure aseptic operation, and its benefits are to improve quality, increase nutrition, improve taste, and extend the storage period.

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