Signed a contract for 20 sets of automatic shutter primary filters for Samsung Electronics air conditioning units

May 18, 2019 company news 205 views

This time after the customers shop around, after the bidding and negotiation process is over, the customers still feel that we have rich experience in matching automatic rolling filters with Korean companies, and the products are cost-effective, so they finally chose to sign with us. The signed automatic roller blind primary filter is used in 3 types of air conditioning units, using a centralized control mode to manually control the start and stop of the motor, which is also the consistent control requirement of Korean customers. Our company still recommends adding functions such as motor failure and filter exhaustion alarm. Since the whole set of equipment is installed inside the air-conditioning box, all of our control cabinets are provided separately and moved to the outside of the air-conditioning box for installation, which is convenient for the owner to carry out maintenance and monitoring work in the future.

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