Signed the contract of Wuxi Tripod Electronics 103898CMH PU horizontal air-conditioning box roll-up air filter

May 18, 2019 company news 195 views

The effort pays off. After reasonable and effective business tracking, our company has reached a cooperation with the air conditioner manufacturer for the roller shutter filter in the Wuxi Tripod electronic horizontal air-conditioning box. The air-conditioning box is made of 50mm thick PU box board, and the outer board is 0.5 mmT baking varnish board, inner board adopts 0.5mmT galvanized board, PU insulation cotton in the middle, PU density 42Kg/M3. Roller shutter filter adopts double split type, and the electric control box of the roller shutter filter can be moved outside the air conditioner unit, which is convenient Debug and monitor.

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