The heavy pollution weather in the north struck, and the automatic roller shutter filter became a filtering artifact

May 18, 2019 company news 216 views

Just yesterday, Hebei Province, Tianjin City and other regions issued a red level I emergency response notice for heavy pollution weather, and Shijiazhuang City issued a notice of suspension of primary and secondary schools and kindergartens.

It can be seen from the above figure that the air pollution index is as high as 500, so relevant departments have taken corresponding emergency measures to stop production in various factories and strengthen pollution control to avoid further deterioration of the air.

However, this undoubtedly caused many industrial enterprises to cause a lot of losses. When production has been stopped, they have to send additional manpower and equipment to control pollution, which increases their operating costs.

Air pollution must be dealt with, but scientific treatment methods can reduce a lot of expenses for manufacturers. What kind of treatment counts as science? I hereby solemnly recommend the automatic roller shutter filter developed and produced by Nanjing Yixiou professionally, which is used in northern commercial and industrial enterprises and other places that require air filtration.

The automatic roller shutter filter developed and produced by Nanjing Yixiou has the following advantages:

Large filtering area: The filtering area of a single automatic roller shutter filter can reach more than 10 square meters, which can meet the wide and common air environment in the north. Large-scale filtering equipment is required to deal with pollution and harmful particles in the air environment on a large area and large scale. Protect people’s production and living air quality

Ultra-simple maintenance: The PLC control system built into the automatic roller shutter filter does not require personnel maintenance. After reaching the preset replacement parameter value in the PLC, the filter is automatically wound to replace the clean filter material on the new side, which is greatly reduced compared with the plate filter. The cost of labor replacement is reduced.

Long use time: The new filter box of the reel-type filter stores the filter cotton that can be replaced about 7 times, and it can be replaced automatically when the pressure difference is reached, which is 7 times longer than the life of the traditional plate and frame air filter. The filter material can be replaced, and the surrounding frame can be used permanently.

Ultra-low operating cost: depending on the filter area, the cost of a roll of filter material is about 1,000 yuan, that is, the cost of a single filtration is more than one hundred yuan, which is 0.36 square standard chemical fiber bag filter single filter s price

The above several advantages can be seen that the automatic roller shutter filter can be very effective for the current air quality in the north. The large filter area and long use time can effectively deal with pollution to ensure that major enterprises can meet the corresponding indicators. Simple maintenance and low-cost operation enable enterprises to ensure that they meet the indicators without paying a lot of money. Personnel and funding.

Therefore, the automatic roller shutter filter specially developed and produced by Nanjing Yixiou is very suitable for your choice.

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