The specific working process of automatic rolling filter

May 22, 2019 Industry News 203 views

In recent years, with the decline of ambient air quality, people have been looking for solutions, and the automatic rolling filter has brought new hope to everyone, but its working principle is still relatively unfamiliar to us. Let us take a look at how it works today.

The principle of automatic roller blind filter to absorb dust

Under the action of the electric field, the dust and particles are charged, changing the direction of their movement, and then adsorbed by the negative electrode. In this process, the energy released by the high-voltage charge plays a major role, and then achieves the effect of dust removal. Of course, if If it is not adsorbed, it will be further adsorbed in the dust collection area, mainly by a force opposite to the air flow direction to press it back here, and the two play a double adsorption role, so as to achieve the effect of high-efficiency air purification.

The specific working process of automatic rolling filter

A new filter material is installed in the upper filter box. When air containing a large amount of dust enters the filter, the dust will be trapped. Of course, the resistance value of the filter will increase accordingly. When the resistance value is greater than the pressure difference controller setting When the resistance value is set, the signal will be transmitted to the controller, the motor will run automatically, and the dirty filter material will be rolled into the lower box. The lower box contains a reel, and the filter material in the upper box can be automatically replaced with a new one. The moving position of the filter material in this process is controlled by the grating. When the preset length matches the moving distance, the motor stops running at this moment, that is, a filter replacement is completed. Wait until the filter is reached. If it needs to be replaced again, the instrument will perform the above-mentioned work again.

The main feature of the automatic roller shutter filter is high efficiency and automatic dust removal. It is widely used in various fields. It not only solves air pollution, but also promotes economic development. Through the above introduction, do you have any further Understand?

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