Victor victory sporting goods automatic door cargo shower room, automatic door person shower room

May 20, 2019 Performance and case 243 views

Victor victory sporting goods automatic door cargo shower room, automatic door person shower room

Project Name: Purification Equipment of Shengli Sporting Goods Badminton Racket Painting Workshop

Project Introduction: Renovation and installation of automatic door cargo shower room and automatic door person shower room in badminton painting workshop

Undertaking time: 2015.10

VICTOR is a Taiwanese brand specializing in badminton sports. It is engaged in the research and development, production and sales of a full range of professional badminton equipment. In 1968, the current chairman Mr. Chen Dengli founded the “Shengli Badminton Club” in Taiwan to produce and sell badminton. In 1998, it officially entered the Chinese mainland market. Currently, VICTOR has established companies and production R&D bases in Taiwan, China, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, India, and Germany. Thousands of distribution outlets all over the world. In 2009, VICTOR signed a contract with the Korean National Badminton Team, one of the world’s strongest teams, and sponsored the 2010-2013 Korea Top Badminton Tournament. In 2013, VICTOR completed the renewal of the contract with the South Korean national team and continued to sponsor the Korean Open. At the same time, VICTOR also reached a cooperation agreement with the Indonesian Badminton Association, signing 25 Indonesian national team members including world famous Nasir and Ahmed. In addition, VICTOR also has signed players from Hong Kong, India, and Chinese Taipei. In October 2013, VICTOR cooperated with CCTV and became the designated equipment supplier for the CCTV “Who is the King” Chinese badminton private competition. After that, VICTOR also sponsored the 2013 World Badminton Super Series top tournament China Badminton Open Match. In February 2014, VICTOR officially signed a contract with the Asian Badminton Federation and became the official partner of the Asian Badminton Federation. The competitions hosted by the Asian Badminton Federation in the next three years will include important events such as the Asian Championships, Asian Youth Championships, and Asian Team Championships. Designated VICTOR as the designated equipment supplier and sponsor of the designated ball for the conference. In May 2014, VICTOR was again affirmed by the international event and became the designated supplier of badminton for the 2014 Incheon Asian Games. In December 2014, VICTOR became the “2014-2015 China Badminton Super League Partner” and apparel sponsor. In March 2015, VICTOR signed another world strong team-Malaysia National Badminton Team. And co-organize the BWF Malaysia Super Series Top Badminton Open at the end of March, and provide ball and other equipment for the conference. At the same time, the Malaysian Youth Badminton Team will also be sponsored by VICTOR. In 2016, VICTOR became the “National Badminton Team Championship”, “National Badminton Individual Championship”, “National Badminton Youth Championship”, “National Youth Badminton Race (2 Stations)”, “National Junior Group A” for the three consecutive years in 2016-2018. Title sponsor and competition equipment sponsor of “Badminton Competition” and “National Junior Group B Badminton Competition”.

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