Warmly welcome customers from Afghanistan to visit and inspect the rolling shutter filter

May 18, 2019 company news 210 views

On December 5, 2016, the international business staff received our long-term cooperation with Afghan customers. The main purpose of this customer’s visit was to inspect the previous batch of orders for automatic rolling-up air filters and learn about on-site installation notes. matter.

Since the establishment of the company, the company’s leaders have attached great importance to the development of foreign trade business. Our company has successively reached business cooperation with many agents or direct customers in Southeast Asia, West Asia, Africa, New Zealand and other countries on automatic rolling filter filters. During the period, they also went to the world. Commissioning and installation of equipment are carried out in various places. After many years of running-in and understanding with the Afghan customer, we regard our company as the core supplier of air filtration equipment, and have long-term strategic cooperation with our company. This time, I flew to China to learn the winding filter site from a long distance. The installation work is also to lay the foundation for the smooth completion of the installation and acceptance work after the goods are shipped to the country. The technicians of Nanjing Yixio spared no effort to explain the installation precautions, watched the debugging of the production process and control function parts, and gave detailed and in-depth answers to the customer’s questions. The customers also gave other super Discussions on price and technology have been conducted. The arrival of the main person in charge of the client company will usher in a new chapter and new stage of cooperation between the two parties, and also establish firm confidence in the establishment of international sales channels for ISEO.

Based on a complete range of air filtration equipment products and high-efficiency and excellent service support, our company is looking forward to developing longer and better cooperative relations with more customers. Welcome to call us for quotation and technical exchanges.

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