What are the requirements for the material of how to choose an automatic rolling filter?

May 18, 2019 company news 211 views

I have introduced the automatic roller shutter filter to major manufacturers before. It has a very good effect on dealing with air pollution. However, no matter how good the machine is, if the hardware conditions are not up to it, it will not work even if the function is powerful, then the automatic roller shutter What are the hardware requirements of the type filter? Let me introduce it to you.

First of all, different units use different filter frame materials. For the chemical industry, he needs to filter the flammable and explosive gases and dust contained in the air, or contain corrosive substances, so stainless steel is needed. As the material of the frame; but for electronics factories and food factories, it is not suitable to use stainless steel. They can use profiles or sprayed materials.

The fundamental difference between the automatic roller shutter filter and the ordinary primary filter can be seen from the name. The automatic roller shutter filter can automatically replace the filter cotton according to the operation and use of the machine. To replace the filter cotton, it can be fully automated without personnel involvement during the period. If when the entire roll of filter material is used up, the machine will give an alarm to remind you to replace the filter material.

Although the automatic rolling filter can basically be completely separated from the manual, manual control of this function is still indispensable, and you can also choose to manually control this mode of operation.

After the above introduction, everyone should have a basic understanding of the automatic rolling filter. If you want to know more about it or have related business inquiries, please call Miss Ma: 15161494373.

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