What is a vertical automatic winding filter?

May 22, 2019 Industry News 290 views

What is a vertical automatic winding filter? Ecolead Nanjing Ecolead

1. The automatic winding roller shutter is actually a kind of primary filter . It realizes the automation of filter replacement through a complete set of control system, which greatly reduces the participation of personnel, saves labor costs, and is simple and convenient. save trouble.

Second, use: fresh air port, all within a large building can be mounted inlet of the present device. For example , the air inlets of air-conditioning systems in sewage treatment plants , medicine, food, and electronics factories can be used to filter dust and other impurities in the air; the air inlets of automobile, petrochemical, and plastic spraying workshops can filter dust and harmful particles.

3. Control principle : manual and automatic.

Manually press the button switch on the equipment (when multiple units are spliced) or the “ ENT ” key on the control panel of the electric control box, the motor will start immediately, and the bottom reel will scroll the filter material down, and it will stop when you press it again .

Automatically press the “SET ” button on the control panel on the electric control box , and the device enters the automatic mode. When the original filter cotton was getting dirty and its permeability was getting worse and worse, the air pressure difference between the air inlet and outlet of the filter cotton was getting bigger and bigger. When the set value was reached, the air switch acted, the PLC received the signal, and the motor started. It runs according to the set time (the time of each operation is different, getting shorter and shorter), and it stops as soon as the time is up. This is repeated. When the filter material is used up for the last time, the travel switch will act. After the PLC receives the signal, the buzzer will give an audible and visual alarm to remind the filter to be replaced.

In addition, passive dry contacts for motor failure and filter material alarm are reserved for remote connection monitoring.

4. Structure : frame, new filter box, stop bar, press bar, winding system, control system, filter material.

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