Why do we need to use a wound filter?

May 22, 2019 Industry News 285 views

Many people don’t know what a wrap-around filter is? Why do we need to use a wound filter?

We often receive calls to inquire about the operation principle, use environment and installation method of the winding filter. So here we will give you a systematic introduction to some relevant knowledge and operating principles of automatic winding filters, hoping to provide some help to potential users who need Ecolead automatic winding air filters!  


The automatic winding filter/automatic roller shutter filter has a very wide range of applications. The customers sold by Ecolead are located in various industrial fields. They are roughly divided into two types of filtration. The first is fresh air filtration, which filters out large particles in the fresh air system. Substances, to protect the quality of downstream products or the environment, improve product quality, and improve work efficiency, such as fresh air filtration in electronic factories, pharmaceutical factories, blower rooms of sewage treatment plants, fresh air filtration in air conditioning units, inlet air filtration of gas turbines in power plants, and those that require primary filtration Tunnels, tunnels, civil air defense projects, underground parking lots, etc., the second type is return air or outlet air filtration. The degree of gas pollution in this type of environment is relatively high, and it needs to be filtered by winding filters, activated carbon filtration and other methods to effectively remove Large particles in the gas, toxic and harmful substances, meet the nationally licensed gas emission standards or enter the return air system. For example, air conditioning return air filtration in textile mills, sintering system purification in metallurgical industry, gas filtration in coating industry, exhaust gas emission filtration in chemical plants, etc.  

The current winding filter customers of Nanjing Yixiou Co., Ltd. bring together many fields such as air-conditioning manufacturers, electronics factories, pharmaceutical factories, water plants, chemical plants, automobile manufacturers and related construction units, engineering contractors, environmental protection engineering suppliers, etc. Various customers

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