Won the bid for the electric roller shutter filter of the sewage treatment plant of the Botian Environmental Municipal Public Project Park

May 18, 2019 company news 178 views

Congratulations to our company for winning the bid for the electric roller shutter filter for sewage treatment in another new project of Botian Environment. The roller shutter filter is installed in the air inlet corridor of the blower room. The filter medium is mainly normal temperature and normal air. A few days ago, our company has formally signed a technical agreement with Botian Environment, and the purchase contract will be signed one after another in the later period. For this project, our company continued to bid with high configuration and high requirements, and the electric roller shutter filter was controlled by PLC and equipped with a man-machine interface for debugging parameters. The system can realize manual and automatic switching operations, the system parameters can be set online, and the system can be started and stopped remotely through hard wiring, and wiring terminals are reserved. The roller shutter filter control system provides RS485MODBUS-RTU and PROFIBUS-DP protocol functions.

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