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  1. f) Alarms
  2. i) The unit should have visual or audible alarms to warn operators of any system fault that may cause unsafe or

erroneous results.

  1. ii) Audible and/or visual indicators should activate when the display reading reaches and remains at the alarm limit.

iii) All alarms should be fully explained in the operator’s manual.


  1. g) Audible Alarms
  2. i) Audible alarms should be distinct and easily identified.
  3. ii) Audible alarms should be enabled when the unit is turned on (i.e., the default volume should not be set to OFF)

and should be clearly audible at any volume setting.

iii) If the alarm volume is adjustable, it should not be possible to turn the volume down so low that it is not likely

to be heard.

  1. iv) Although an audible-alarm silence is acceptable, the alarm must recur automatically if the condition is not


  1. v) If an alarm is silenced, a visual display should clearly indicate which alarm is disabled.


  1. h) Visual Alarms
  2. i) Visual alarms should be easy to identify.


2-85       Section VI. Requirements