Signed a contract for the air shower room of the Nanjing Chengdong (Xuecheng) 110 kV substation of a well-known electric power engineering company in Nanjing

May 18, 2019 company news 227 views

The application of wind shower rooms in substations is becoming more and more extensive. After our company produced the 1000 kV Huainan Nanjing Shanghai AC UHV transmission and transformation wind shower rooms of Jiangsu Transmission and Transformation Company last year, transmission and transformation companies followed me. Sign the contract with the company. The air shower room designed by Nanjing Yixiou is a movable door cover type, which can be pushed and pulled as required, and can be interlocked and connected with the entrance door of the workshop area. It is equipped with a professional automatic control system, which is consistent with the strict ventilation performance and cleanliness of the workshop. Performance, durability and other aspects are matched. The installation and commissioning process has been affirmed and recognized by the owner. It is undoubtedly another verification of the excellent quality and high-quality service of Nanjing Ecolead air shower room.

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