Signed a contract with Jiangsu EF environmental protection equipment manual roller shutter filter

May 18, 2019 company news 259 views

Nanjing Yixiou Company has won another new customer in the industrial waste gas treatment and water treatment industries. Due to the budget constraints of the previous owner, the customer chose our company’s most economical type of roller shutter filter -manual control roller shutter air filter It is used in the air pre-filtration link in its exhaust gas treatment program. The application of roller blind filter in exhaust gas treatment can reduce the cost of manual filter replacement, and keep the equipment in a continuous running state without stopping the machine to the greatest extent.

More and more customers of environmental protection engineering companies choose Nanjing Yixi’s Ecolead automatic rolling curtain air filter, which is the recognition and trust of our products. It also proves that the air shutter filter is the most reasonable substitute for the traditional plate and frame filter, and it is a trend and trend of filter selection.

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